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Jul 13, 2022


Welcome to That’s So You! Resell Boutique's comprehensive guide on how to effectively care for your succulents. If you're new to succulent care or looking to enhance your existing skills, you've come to the right place!

Understanding Succulents

Succulents are a diverse group of plants that have adapted to survive in arid conditions. They are known for their fleshy leaves, which store water, making them low-maintenance and drought-tolerant. At That’s So You! Resell Boutique, we specialize in providing high-quality succulents that bring life and beauty to any space.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Succulents

When it comes to succulent care, selecting the right plants is crucial. Choose varieties that are suitable for your climate and light conditions. Consider factors like temperature, humidity, and the amount of sunlight your space receives. Our vast collection offers a wide range of options to suit every preference and environment.

Step 2: Providing Adequate Sunlight

Succulents generally thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Place them near windows or areas where they can receive a minimum of four to six hours of sunlight per day. However, some varieties may require more or less sunlight, so it's essential to research the specific needs of your chosen succulents.

Step 3: Watering Techniques

Proper watering is one of the most critical aspects of succulent care. These plants require well-draining soil to prevent root rot. Water your succulents thoroughly but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering can be detrimental to succulents, so it's important to strike the right balance.

Step 4: Soil and Pot Selection

Choosing the right potting mix and containers is vital for succulent health. Opt for well-draining soil or create your own blend using materials like perlite or coarse sand. Additionally, select pots with drainage holes to prevent water accumulation. At That’s So You! Resell Boutique, we provide a variety of stylish and functional pots that complement your succulents beautifully.

Step 5: Proper Fertilization

While succulents don't require frequent fertilization, providing them with the right nutrients can enhance their growth and overall appearance. Use a balanced, low-nitrogen fertilizer specifically formulated for succulents. Follow the instructions carefully, as over-fertilizing can harm the plants.

Step 6: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Regularly monitor your succulents for signs of pests, diseases, or other issues. Common problems include mealybugs, aphids, and fungal infections. If you notice any abnormalities, take prompt action to prevent further damage. Promptly remove any affected leaves or plants to maintain the health and vitality of the rest of your collection.


Congratulations! You have now learned the essential 6 steps to keeping succulents healthy and vibrant. By following these expert tips from That’s So You! Resell Boutique, you'll ensure your succulents thrive and bring joy to your space for years to come. Explore our selection of premium succulents and start creating your own stunning succulent garden today!

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