LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400

Jun 23, 2019

Experience an Underwater Adventure with LEGO Super Mario

Discover the thrill of the LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400 set available exclusively at That’s So You! Resell Boutique. This extraordinary LEGO set combines the beloved Super Mario franchise with the creativity and building fun of LEGO. Dive into an exciting underwater adventure with Mario and help him defeat the pesky Urchin enemies along the way.

Unleash Your Imagination

As an ardent LEGO enthusiast and fan of Super Mario, you can now embark on an underwater journey like never before. This LEGO set provides you with the opportunity to create your own engaging and interactive Mario-themed world. Let your imagination run wild as you design and construct various scenarios using the customizable LEGO bricks and accessories included in the LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400 set.

Engaging Features and Gameplay

The LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400 set offers a host of features designed to make your playtime even more exciting and enjoyable. The set includes a brick-built beach scene complete with palm trees, a dock, and a spinning platform. Mario comes equipped with his underwater gear and is on a mission to defeat the menacing Urchins. Use the interactive LEGO Mario figure to navigate through the course, collect coins, and defeat enemies by spinning him on the urchin platform.

Exploring the LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400 Set

Let's dive into the details of the LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride 71400 set and its components:

  1. LEGO Mario Figure: The set features a highly interactive LEGO Mario figure that comes to life with sound effects and LCD screens displaying different facial expressions as he advances through the course.
  2. Urchin Platform: The spinning urchin platform adds an element of challenge and adventure to the gameplay. Spin LEGO Mario on it to defeat the Urchins!
  3. Beach Scene Construction: The LEGO set includes a palm tree, a dock, and other beach-themed elements that allow you to create an immersive and realistic beach scene for Mario's underwater adventure.
  4. Customization Options: The set offers various customization options, allowing you to rearrange and rebuild the elements to create your own unique courses and challenges.
  5. Coins and Power-Ups: Collect the coins scattered throughout the course and activate power-ups to enhance Mario's abilities as he swims past the Urchins.

Bring Mario's Underwater World to Life

With the LEGO Super Mario Big Urchin Beach Ride set, you can bring Mario's underwater world to life as you build, customize, and play through exciting adventures. Experience the joy of combining two beloved brands to create a unique gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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Justin Horne
This LEGO set sounds like a 🌊 underwater blast! Can't wait to join Mario on an epic adventure! 💪🔥
Oct 14, 2023